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Welcome to STRIM subscription
page for Companies
Instant Subscription
Here is the best e-bike which could be used by your employee and guests 24/7 without passing keys, managing spreadsheets and etc. 
All magic happened in smartphones
They always are locked&charged and wait for your the next ride, near your office on STRIM charging bike parking together with other bikes and scooters.
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Always locked&charged
Снимок экрана 2021-08-06 в 00.22.03.png
The office is
not parking anymore.
Emploee don't have to drag them to the office and look for a place to charge.
The office is not a place to park and charge scooters or e-bikes anymore.
Don't worry. They are 100% insured during the entire charging at any Strim charging point.
I'm insured.
Always free charging socket
You can stick it in another scooter/e-bike if all Strim sockets are occupied. It will still be reliably protected and charged. This makes STRIM unique.
Lock Strim in any place you want.
Strim e-bike has a smart lock, and anyone can lock it in any place via the app. Strim e-bike also has an alarm system and steel cable inside. It helps to fill a safe me and you during the day.
STRIM lock.png
BUT, please remember that  STRIM not immune to theft while parking outside of Strim charging points. 
Insurance work only in
Strim charging points.
All services and
reparations included.
Extra benefits to be together
Is something wrong with me? Leave me at any Strim charging point and write to our support chart. Tech guys will fix mee during the day or give you a new one until they fix me.
More facts about our e-bikes
  • Run - up to 60 km on full charge
  • Mass - 17 kg
  • Full charging time 4 hours
  • Ready for the next trip after 15 min charging.
  • If no Strim charging points near buy, just lock me somewhere as the bike
Now you know almost main things about STRIM. If you are ready to give me a name, just choose a plan, and I will be your faithful helper in 5 min.
Subscribe to the Strim news about our expansion.  Maybe one day I'll send you the reason to joing  STRIM charging network
If you still not decide yet to book STRIM, please, share your reasons with me and we think about it.
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